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To Jeff and the Muttley Crew Staff -

I'd like to add my praises to those from your other customers.  My peek-a-poo, Harley, is not always a gentleman.  Before I discovered Jeff at Pet Barn (prior to Muttley Crew) I didn't think I would ever find a groomer who could handle him.  He's only 7 pounds, but he's a real challenge when it comes to the grooming process.  He responded to Jeff almost immediately.  Even though he rarely likes strangers (especially men) I often find him sitting on Jeff's lap when I come to pick him up!  I can't tell you how much it means to our family to have a safe place to take Harley for grooming - and to have him love to go there!

Kudos to the Muttley Crew team!  You are all awesome!

Sally Haworth

Jeff did an amazing job grooming our Minature Schnauzer.  When we came to pick him up, Jake was happily playing with the other  dogs. We will definitely come back--we love it as much as Jake does.

Jeff and The Muttley Crew staff-

It's been a year since Sadie started coming to the Muttley Crew.As new pet owners we were so happy that we found a place that we can trust and that Sadie enjoys.

We appreciate everything that you do. Sadie has become a much better dog because of your loving care.

Thank you so much! We look forward to many more years with The Muttley Crew

Nick, Naomi and Sadie

To Jeff & Crew,

I have wanted to write to you for a long time to tell you thanks for taking such good care of my little Poodle, Blazer.  Not only do you do an excellent job making him look "pretty", but I've noticed how sweet your staff is to him and all the other "four-legged" clients in your care.  As a matter of fact, Blazer is thrilled to come see you and he was never like that at the other groomer he used to see;  I think that speaks volumes.  Thank you for kind and professional services.  You're the best!
Vicki Tankersley

Thanks for a great first grooming experience for my beloved Urhwyn!  He arrived excited to be there, he was jazzed and happy when we left, and when we returned 2 hours later he was beautiful!  He acted like he'd had a fabulous time, didn't appear stressed or anxious, and you did a wonderful job grooming him.  I was really worried that he might not have a stellar time, but my concern doesn't seem to be in the least justified.  I especially liked the way he was allowed to just integrate in with the other dogs - he loves to play, and I'm pretty sure he'll be excited when he comes back next time.  I've never had a dog that didn't hate everything about going to be groomed!  You guys are good!  Woof!

with regards,
Sandi Fitts-Freeman, LMT

Hi All:

I was in early in the summer and will be making an appointment for Nicholas this week.  We haven't gotten him groomed/clipped because we got a new kitten and she has been playing rather roughly with him so we let him keep his hair long.  Now that the kitten is getting fixed we hope that we can get Nick's fur cut (which it needs badly) while she recovers and hopefully things will slow down a little for her for a while.
I gave out all of your cards that I had on me and had to go to your website to get your new address and phone number.  I just love you guys and would never go to anybody else!  I recommend you to all new pet owners I meet at local shops.  Nicholas is almost 6 yrs old now.  It seems like just yesterday when I brought him in for his first cut.  He was only 3 or 4 months then.  Now his black fur is turning grey.  He has never been to another groomer his whole life.  I would never think of going to anybody else.  You have been wonderful and he loves you as do I.  Thanks for always being there for him and for our family!
See you soon!!
Elizabeth Holmes

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The Muttley Crew
806 NW Murray Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97229

ph 503-626-8212 or 1-888-muttley
fax 503-626-8214