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The Muttley Crew

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The Muttley Crew
806 NW Murray
Portland, OR 97229
503-626-8212 or 1-888-muttley
fax 503-626-8214

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Prices and Packaging

Doggy Dues

4-hour initial evaluation: Free!

Single hour: $6 per hour

Half day (up to six hours): $17

Full day (over six hours): $25

Single dog:

5-day playpass--------$115----$23 per day

10-day playpass------$220-----$22 per day

15-day playpass------$315-----$21 per day

20-day playpass------$390-----$19.50 per day

5- day playpass-----$80------$16 per day

10- day playpass----$150----$15 per day

15- day playpass----$210----$14 per day

20- day playpass----$260----$13 per day

Two dogs:

5-day playpass-------$210----$21 per day

10-day playpass------$400----$20 per day

15-day playpass------$570----$19 per day

20-day playpass------$700----$17.50 per day

5- day playpass-----$145----$14.50 per day

10- day playpass---$270----$13.50 per day

15- day playpass---$375----$12.50 per day

20- day playpass---$460----$11.50 per day



Playpasses have no expiration date, but must be prepaid.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, or cash. 

Grooming Services

Grooming prices vary with breed, size, and disposition of dog… just call us for prices.

All full grooms include a full day of play.

Nail trims:

  • $7 for small dogs or cats

  • $10 for medium dogs

  • $12 for large dogs

  • Price may vary if pet is extremely difficult.

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The Muttley Crew
806 NW Murray Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97229

ph 503-626-8212 or 1-888-muttley
fax 503-626-8214